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Production We are confident that our product and manufacturing expertise will provide our customers with low production costs and high yields without sacrificing quality.The expertise and experience in the production of natural casing products which are ready for processing is based upon the tradition development of the family business over the course of more than 50 years

A CERTIFIED QUALITY OF NATURAL CASINGS PRODUCTION IS OUR STANDARD. Regular hygiene checks and strict compliance with the most rigorous regulations ensure the customer that the natural casings meet the highest standards of quality and health. The acquisition of raw materials, as well as production, is conducted in accordance with the certified quality system

Our Products

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Fresh Salted Sausage Casings

Natural is Always Best

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Well Calibration

Natural Color of Casting

Well done Saltation


• Highest quality
• Free of Dust Particles
• Food Grade Packing
• Fresh Production
• Client Satisfaction
• High Value

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