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Lamb sausage Casings

  • For sausage: 22-24mm diameter (THICK Sausages)
  • Quality : AA extra
  • Best for: Kielbasa Hungarian, Breakfast sausages
  • 100% Halal
  • Weight : around 100 g


Product Specialty:            The benefits of the natural casing are flavor and visual appeal. Because the natural casing breathes, it results in a deeper flavor and richness in the sausage—the smoking and cooking flavors can permeate the casing and infuse the meat. Since the casings are all-natural, the sausages are very natural looking, being somewhat irregular in shape and size.



Storage method: Keep at room temp or after opening the packing in cold place +0 to +14C or for long life spam of casings better re-salt the casings


Expiry: 1-2 year if keep in cold form and salted form in airtight container


Food grade certificate:  HACCP, Halal Certificate, ISO 2000


Good to know: 

  • Although sheep casings in preserved salted form is low in weight as soon as you soaked in warm water and remove salt it gets thicker and soft in touch
  • Natural sheep casings are weak in texture so better result don’t apply the hard force on the casings
  • Sausage filling machine nozzle diameter should match with the diameter of casings
  • After removing salt from casings, add pinch of baking soda in the soaked casings so increase the slipperiness in the casings so it won’t break during sausage stuffing

Additional information

Weight 5-6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 7 cm


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