Pre and after Production Procedure:

Dust Particles  | Hair Removing  | Foreign Particles

QBS Polska with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of food and the traceability of the product to all our customers in the most demanding markets, has renewed of food safety and the SAE certification (System of Specific Self-Control) necessary to obtain export certificates.

In addition to satisfying the strictest controls in food safety, QBS controls all its productions from the origin, guaranteeing the end customer the stability of the product in terms of size, quality, and packaging.

Our facilities, temperature controlled, allow us to ensure a good conservation of the product, arriving the goods to our customers in the optimal conditions for use.

Characteristics of the Natural Casings on devices:

Higher permeability  |  Best sliding  |  Easy-use

1. Desalinate and submerge in warm water (maximum 30º) for 20 minutes.
2. Place horizontally in the tubing machine.
3. Slide and remove the tube.
4. The sausage will be perfect.